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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York,  a place where various music genres began has stemmed the foundation for who Sparka is. His love for music has been embedded in his soul since birth; driving his passion for recognizing great music and talented artists. His interest and desire to truly want to entertain others began at age. Early on in his life Sparka began exploring the world of producing and song writing; yet it wasn't until his relocation to Canada that he began to truly pursue his goal to become the peoples DJ. 


In addition to continue diversifiying his experiences he has also performed at numerous private events where his uniqueness and ability to adapt allows him to be a more adaptable entertainer.

Sparka lives his dream with the motto "know where you're playing and who you're playing for". This allows him to personalize and embrace every opportunity he is provided. His ability to focus on the music and the needs of the people allows him to modify  his spins to any atmosphere he is placed within. In summary Sparka believes  his love and passion for the art not only separates him from the rest but fuels him to become better than today's best. Dj Sparka "The Party Starter"